Question: How Much Does Equinox Hudson Yards Cost?

Is Planet Fitness worth the money?

Planet Fitness is worth it if you’re looking for a cheap and convenient place to get in some cardio workouts and use basic resistance machines.

They are (usually) open 24 hours and completely stocked with an abundance of cardio machines..

Does equinox do student discounts?

No, Equinox does not offer student discounts.

Can you get a day pass to Equinox?

The Equinox Guest Pass gives you a first glimpse at our dedicated Personal Training and Studio Pilates, luxury spaces and amenities, full-service Spa and unlimited Group Fitness classes. Get yours when you visit the Equinox Guest Pass page.

What is the most expensive gym membership?

The Ten Most Expensive Gym Memberships.#10 – L.A. Fitness.#9 – Crunch Fitness.#8 – David Barton Gym.#7 – East Bank Club.#6 – SoulCycle.#5 – New York Sports Clubs.#4 – Equinox.More items…•

How do Equinox trainers get paid?

Equinox Personal Trainer Salary Payment structure: Less than 42 sessions per pay period (2 week pay period): Tier 1: $26 per one hour session. Tier 2: $30.50 per one hour session.

Is Variis free?

The timeline for introducing the bike was also altered to align with release of the streaming platform. The bike was priced at $2500 and Variis subscription was priced at $40 a month. However, Variis remained free to access for members and SoulCycle bike owners.

Does Equinox have a senior discount?

No, Equinox does not offer senior discounts.

How much does Equinox All Access cost?

An “All Access” membership costs $260 per month plus a $500 initiation fee and gives you a membership at all 29 regular locations in New York City and clubs nationally, but doesn’t allow access to premium “E” clubs, Sports Clubs, or other special locations.

Can I bring a guest to Equinox?

Unlike other gyms you may have tried in the past, an Equinox guest passes allows the potential member or guest of a member to try their club for seven days. … Equinox does charge a fee for these trials, similar to a down payment, that is given back in full if you do not decide to join.

Do Equinox employees get free membership?

Equinox Pay & Benefits reviews: Front Desk Agent. I don’t like this job. The only real pluses are the free membership and many of my coworkers.

Can NYSC members bring guests?

We welcome guests at all of our clubs. There may be a fee depending on the type of guest pass being used. If you’re a first-time visitor, click this try out a club link to try our a club. All guests will need to show a photo ID.

How much does Variis cost?

While users will be required to commit to a one-year subscription of the Variis app — $40 a month thereafter — membership will also give access to other classes from SoulCycle’s parent company Equinox Group’s roster, which includes Equinox, Precision Run, Pure Yoga, and HeadStrong.

How can I get a cheap Equinox membership?

The last way to join with a bit of savings is to work for a company that offers a Corporate Discount. These are usually initiated by your company with Equinox and the company agrees to sign up at least 50 employees and Equinox agrees to a discount. Usually around 25 to 65 off the monthly cost.

Do Equinox members get discount at Equinox Hotel?

EQUINOX MEMBER EXCLUSIVE Membership comes with privileges — especially when it comes to a stay at Equinox Hotels. Enjoy your exclusive member rate, offering 40% off, alongside priority access to early check-in and late check-out as well as complimentary laundering of your fitness attire throughout your stay.

Can you negotiate Equinox membership?

If you ask nicely, Equinox will sometimes be willing to waive the initiation fee. I’ve never tried this personally, but there are instances where people were able to negotiate with a manager for a discounted rate.

Is Equinox Hudson Yards all access?

*All Access membership does not include access to E by Equinox Madison Avenue (NYC), Hudson Yards (NYC), Printing House (NYC), Kensington (UK), Bishopsgate (UK), Century City (SoCal), E by Equinox St. James’s, or Equinox Sports Clubs.

Is Equinox worth the money?

If you tend to spend your money to maintain fitness variety, Equinox can easily be worth it in the face of individual classes at other gyms that frequently run above $30 a pop. Besides convenience and variety, Equinox’s biggest draw is physical space.

What’s so great about Equinox?

Equinox has all the equipment (cardio, strength, mobility) you could need for your workout. Equinox Seaport is a big, sunny space with a huge section of cardio equipment, stretching area, weight floor, cycling room, yoga studio and group fitness studio.