Question: Is Waec A Level Or O Level?

Is Neco easier than Waec?

Recall that five, six years ago WAEC had a better pass rate than NECO.

Also in 2014 had it was 31.28 percent for the WAEC and 68.5 percent for NECO, while in 2015, the pass rate was 59.61 percent for WAEC and 52.29 percent for NECO and finally in 2016, the WAEC had 53 percent pass rate and the NECO 80.16 percent..

Are GCSE harder than O level?

The new-style GCSE exams in England are the most difficult since the end of O-levels in the 1980s, according to an independent school leader. Barnaby Lenon, chairman of the Independent Schools Council, says they will stretch the most able students. …

What came before O levels?

1951: General Certificate of Education (GCE) O-levels and A-levels were introduced, replacing the School Certificate and the Higher School Certificate. These were primarily grammar school exams. Some education authorities established their own leaving examinations for youngsters not taking GCEs.

Is Waec accepted all over the world?

WAEC result is accepted in all the participating five Anglophone countries. However, each country may have other supporting tests/examinations with which students are admitted into the tertiary institutions, such as the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) in Nigeria.

What is O level equivalent to?

Later developments. The O-level qualifications in England, Wales and Northern Ireland were replaced by the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE), phased in by 1986 with a couple of subjects, and completed for all subjects the following year.

Are O levels important?

O Level result determines which path and school/course you go and that is no brainer. If you are a poly student who wants to apply Uni then O Level will be important for the application. It can affect your tertiary route and the diploma that you would do if you are looking at entering poly.

Is GCE harder than Waec?

WAEC internal can be easier because you’re have been well prepared for the papers most recently (SS1 to 3). People usually write GCE while they’d abandoned books for months – if not years. This may make it more difficult to pass. … With GCE, you’re more likely going to write in a different school or town.

How can I pass Waec?

How to pass WAECKill your fear and build your confidence.Start planning for success now.Create a reading timetable.Give more time to difficult subjects.Study with WAEC past questions and answers.Cover at least 70% of your syllabus.Pay attention to little instructions.Learn how to answer WAEC questions perfectly.More items…

What is the meaning of O level result?

1 : the lowest of three levels of standardized British examinations in a secondary school subject also : successful completion of an O-level examination in a particular subject. — called also Ordinary level. — compare a level, s level.

Which is higher a level or O level?

The GCE is composed of three levels; they are, in increasing order of difficulty: the Ordinary Level (“O Level”); the Advanced Subsidiary Level (“A1 Level” or “AS Level”), higher than the O Level, serving as a level in its own right, and functioning as a precursor to the full Advanced Level; and.

Is d7 good in Waec result?

Under the new WAEC grading system, A1 is Excellent, B2 Very Good, B3 Good, C4, C5 and C6 are interpreted as Credit, D7 and D8 are interpreted as Pass, while F9 is Fail. A1 and B2 in the WASSCE means Excellent, B3 is B (Very Good), C4 is C (Good), C5 and C6 are D (Credit), D7 and E8 are E (Pass) and F9 is F (Fail).

Is GCE equivalent to Waec?

The General Certificate of Education Examination (GCE) was replaced by the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE). … A body called West African Examination Council (WAEC) conducts both the SSCE and GCE.

Is a grade D at O level a pass?

GCE O-level (Ordinary level) subjects Results which met the Ordinary standard (grades 1-6) were recorded as Pass. … Grades A, B and C represented the former O-level Pass. Grades D and E indicated a lower standard of attainment, but were still judged sufficient to be recorded on the certificate.

Is O level the same as Waec?

First, note that SSCE and O’level results mean the same. O’level means ordinary level while SSCE means senior schools secondary certificate examination. … WAEC and NECO are equally acceptable at foreign schools.

Which subjects to choose in O levels?

O LevelCAMBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL EXAMINATIONS. … O LEVEL AT LEARNING ALLIANCE. … Compulsory Subjects. … Group 1 : Physics, Principles of Accounts, Food and Nutrition.Group 2: Chemistry, Commerce, World Affairs.Group 3: Biology, Economics, Environmental Management.More items…