Question: What Size Is A 28 In Paige Jeans?

What size is a 28 in regular jeans?

Denim Size ChartUS size*Waist sizeNatural Waist22626″42727″62828″82929.25″11 more rows.

Are Paige jeans true to size?

Paige Denim comes in a wide variety of colors, materials, and washes. Many of their designs are cropped and pegged. The material has a bit of stretch in it, but they are by no means stretchy. They tend to conform to your shape and size, which is great.

What size is a 28 waist?

For example: If you have a 32 inch waist, your size is a US-Size M or Euro-Size 42.Waist (Inch)Hips (Inch)US Size / Internat.24 – 2533 – 34XXS25 – 2635 – 36XS27 – 2837 – 38S28 – 2938 – 39S12 more rows

What size is 28 waist in us?

US Size GuideUS SizesBUSTWAIST688.528893.5301098.53212103.5348 more rows

What is a size 28 equivalent to in women’s jeans?

Womens BottomsSizeJean SizeWaist42729.562830.582931.5103032.59 more rows

What is my size in jeans?

Jeans sizes in the US are based on the waist/length ratio, given in inches (in). For example, a male with the jeans waist size of 28 in and leg length of 30 in will have a jeans size of 28/30. We can also use the standard S/M/L sizes, or the simple numerical value (30-50 for men, 0-30 for women).

Is 26 inches a small waist?

It’s a small waist size period so with a height of 5’7” which is about 3 inches above average (for wonen in the US) even a small framed woman would have a small waist at 26.” I had a baby two months ago so I’m getting back to my normal size but three years ago, at 5’8,” I had my measurements professionally taken and my …

Is a 28 inch waist a UK size 10?

28 is definitely a 10. I’m a 26″ waist and I’m a UK 8. On levi jeans 30 waist is a size 12.

Are Paige jeans good quality?

Are PAIGE jeans good quality? Yes, PAIGE jeans are good quality. Many of their jeans are made with high percentages of technical fabric, which is comfortable, stretchy, and durable.

How much do Paige jeans stretch?

But they’re supposed to be snug, because as you wear them in, the stiff, tight denim will mold to your body and can actually stretch up to two sizes. Stick with them and soon you’ll love them like an old pair of sweats.

Are Paige jeans worth it?

Not worth it. I much prefer AG Jeans because they keep their shape. … I love my Paige jeans and have had a few pairs for over 5 years but you can definitely get them for less than that.