Quick Answer: Can You Have A Two Story House On Sims Mobile?

Why can’t I put stairs in Sims FreePlay?

You can only add stairs once you have completed the Multi Story Renovations Quest.

NOTE: you must add rooms to the second floor before you can add stairs!.

Can you control your kid in Sims Mobile?

The child is not a playable character. To control this young Sim you need to wait until he/she grows up and become an adult. In addition, you must have a free slot in the family. Sim doesn’t have to take care of his child.

Can you build a pool in Sims Mobile?

At level 13, do the Going Swimmingly quest. This will open the pool tabs in the Outdoor section of the Home Store. Minimum pool size is 3×3. To use the pool you will need a set of stairs.

Can you knock down walls in Sims Mobile?

Even though you can’t remove walls, you can change the size of a room by going into the furniture menu and tapping on the build icon and then “Rooms”. You’ll then see an movement icon appear in the center of each room. Hold and drag on it to move the room or press on it to reveal arrows on each wall.

How do you build a second floor in Sims?

Yes. Click the button that seperates the floors, it’s to the right of the buttons you click to spin the game map around. Click it up once to get to the second floor, then add floor tiles above the existing houses floors, and walls and a stairs and now you’ve got your second floor.

Can you get stairs in Sims Mobile?

Re: Stairs Yes, you need a second floor to add stairs, and you need to build a room above the place where you want the stairs to go.

How do you go upstairs in Sims 4?

In the upper right hand corner between the gallery and the drop walls there is an up and down arrow. Use the up button to go upstairs and vice versa. You should head back to a Sims tutorial.

What level is the multi story renovations quest?

Level 17Multi-Story Renovations is a quest available at Level 17. Upon completion of this quest one unlocks the ability to add multiple stories to their Sim’s houses and the addition of the Woodworking Hobby. Completing this quest within the time limit of 6 days unlocks the “Elevators & Escalators” pack.