Quick Answer: Do All Persons Have The Same Notion Of Development?

What are the three notions of development?

Three attributes for comparing the notions of development among the countries are:Per capita Income: It is the average income of the people of the country in a year.

Literacy Level: It is an important criteria of development as high literacy level of the people gradually leads the countries on the path of development.More items…•.

What are the different goals of development?

For example, Development goals of landless rural labour: he may seek to earn more wages. Development goals of farmers who depend on rain for growing crops: he may expect more rain to grow crops well for his livelihood.

Why do different persons have different development goals explain with example?

Different people have different developmental goals according to their needs. For example:If a family from poor background gets a new stove in their kitchen, they are very happy and satisfied. But the family from rich background needs their whole kitchen to be changed as they have much money.

What are the notions of development?

Expert Answer: Three attributes for comparing the notions of development among the countries are: Per capita Income: It is the average income of the people of the country in a year. According to the World Development Report, countries with the percapita income of more than Rs.

What are the two aspects of development?

Development is a positive growth or change in economical, social and political aspects of a country. Two aspects of development are: (a) Economic development or rise in income of people. (b) Social development, which includes education, health and public services.

What is the traditional notion of development?

The traditional development pattern refers to the approach to growth and development that humans used for thousands of years across different cultures, continents and latitudes. Pre-automobile cities, big and small, in countless societies, share an eerie similarity of design.

Is the notion of national development the same?

Answer. national development refers to the ability of a nation to improve the lives of the citizens. Major Saab improvement maybe material such as an increase in Gross Domestic Product or social such as literacy rates and availability of Healthcare.

What are the different notions of national development?

National development means the ability of a nation to improve the lives of its citizens. Measures of improvement may be material aspects such as an increase in the gross domestic product or social aspects such as literacy rates, availability of healthcare, sanitation etc.

Why do people look at mix of goals for development?

1 Answer. For development, people do look at a mix of goals-which not only focus on seeking/earning more income but also on non-material aspects like equal treatment, respect of other, dignity of labour, a safe and secure work environment, pollution free surroundings etc.

How can schools contribute to national development?

Education provides a foundation for development, the groundwork on which much of our economic and social well being is built. … By increasing a child’s integration with dissimilar social or ethnic groups early in life, education contributes significantly to nation building and interpersonal tolerance.

Why different categories of persons do not have same notion of development or progress?

Different catagories of persons do not have same notion of development because life situations of persons are different . So,when life situations are different definately thier aspirations and desires are different.

How can we consider if different person could have different or conflicting notion of a country’s development?

Let us consider 2 person A and B. … For person A the development means more wages and increased number of working days. While for person B, the development means workers who agree to work in less wages. Hence different people have different or even conflicting notions of a country’s development.

Why do different persons have different goals of development?

Development involves many questions for better life and the ways in which one can work to achieve goals. Since every individual is different from each other, the notion of development also varies. The difference in social and economic positions of the people generally results in different goals of development.

How can 2 persons have different development goals?

Development goals are different for different people according to their needs. The development goals of one may prove to be destructive for the other. For eg-industrialists may require dams for genaeration of electricity for propelling their industries but at the same time the people which are displaced may resent it.

What are the development goals other than income?

Answer: Income is definitely one of the most important aspect of our lives, but there are other important goals of development, such as: Equal treatment, security and dignity for all citizens. Safe and secured environment for women to make progress in every walk of their life.