Quick Answer: How Do I Export My Food Diary From MyFitnessPal?

How do I share my Myfitnesspal diary with my trainer?

In the Menu (or “More” page) tap “Settings” then “Privacy Center” then “Sharing & Privacy” then “Diary Sharing.” Select your preference from “Public,” “Friends Only”, or “Locked with a key” and save your changes..

Can you print out my fitness pal?

Can I print my diary from the app? You can view a printable version of your diary by logging into your account on our website at http://www.myfitnesspal.com Mobile app users should log in using the same username and password they use in the app. Once you’ve logged in, click the “Food” tab.

How do I find my friends food diary on Myfitnesspal?

In our iPhone, iPad and Android appsIn our iPhone, iPad and Android apps.Open the “Friends” page.Tap on a Friend who has allowed his or her diary to be viewed by you, then tap “View Diary” or the Diary (book) icon.More items…•

How do I follow people on MyFitnessPal?

In our iOS or Android apps – Username or Email addressLaunch the app and visit the “Friends” page.Tap “Add Friends” or the “+” symbol in the upper right then tap “Email or MyFitnessPal Username”In the “To” field you can enter the email address or MyFitnessPal username of a current member to send a friend request.More items…•

Can you print your food diary on MyFitnessPal?

Once you’ve logged in, click the “Food” tab. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “View Printable Report.” Choose a date range and click “Change Report.” If using an app, you may also want to try taking a screen shot of the information you’d like to print and then email yourself the screen shot and then print.

How do you send a food diary on Myfitnesspal?

SHARING FROM THE MYFITNESSPAL APP Sharing your diary or logged meals with iMessage is easy. You probably already know how. Just open your diary and tap the three dots that appear below the meal you’d like to share. Then, tap “Share via iMessage,” select the foods to share and send.