Quick Answer: How Much Does An Eye Exam Cost At BJ’S?

How much is a eye exam at Lenscrafters without insurance?

LensCrafters Eye Exam CostItemPriceWithout InsurancePrices may vary by locationRoutine Eye Exam (Starting Price)$73.00Routine Eye Exam + Contact Lens Fitting (Starting Price)$113.002 more rows.

What insurance does BJ’s Optical accept?

BJ’s Optical accepts insurance, HMOs, and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs). BJ’s Optical locations are operated by independent optometrists, so acceptable insurance will vary by location, but typically include Medicare and Medicaid plans, along with various national and regional insurance providers.

Who owns BJ’s Optical?

Refac Optical GroupRefac Optical Group is the parent company of U.S. Vision, headquartered in Glendora, N.J. and Nationwide Vision headquartered in Chandler, Ariz. The BJ’s Optical brand, managed by U.S. Vision, consistently ranks 6th in the U.S. among mass merchant clubs with optical departments.

Who gets a free eye test?

You’re entitled to a free NHS sight test if you: are under 16. are 16, 17 or 18 and in full-time education. are 60 or over.

Is Walmart Vision Center cheaper?

Still, the prices at Walmart Vision Center are a little more competitive than what you’ll see on average at Target Optical or even Warby Parker. For single-vision frames and lenses, I found that you can easily stay under $100 by ordering your glasses online.

Can you get your eyes checked at Costco?

Costco Optical provides eye exams at a low price, and you do not need to be a member to get an eye exam. However, you do need a Costco membership to purchase glasses or contact lenses from them. Other big-box stores like Walmart also offer similar services, like basic eye exams and inexpensive glasses.

What is the cheapest place to get an eye exam?

Let’s take a closer look at six of the most popular places to get a cheap eye exam.America’s Best. America’s Best offers a free eye exam when you purchase any two pairs of glasses. … 1 800 Contacts. 1 800 Contacts offers a free online eye exam that you can take from home. … Sam’s Club. … Target Optical. … Walmart. … Costco.

Do I need a membership for BJ’s Optical?

Yes, non-members can shop at BJ’s Optical without paying a non-member surcharge since by law we cannot turn away any prescriptions. However, if a non-member shops anywhere else in the Club, they will be subject to the surcharge.

How much does an eye exam cost in Walmart?

A comprehensive eye health and vision exam is $79. A basic contact lens exam is $129. If you have astigmatism or need bifocal correction and want to wear contact lenses, there is a modest additional cost. Q.