Quick Answer: What Are Related Services In An IEP?

What are services in an IEP?

Services provide the extra help kids need to benefit from general or special education .

In an IEP: Specialized instruction (the unique special education instruction kids need to meet their IEP goals), accommodations and modifications .

In a 504 plan: Accommodations and modifications..

Related services can include, but are not limited to, any of the following:speech-language pathology and audiology services.interpreting services.psychological services.physical and occupational therapy.recreation, including therapeutic recreation.early identification and assessment of disabilities in children.More items…•

What are the 8 components of an IEP?

LATEST ISSUE of NASET’s IEP COMPONENTS SERIESPart 1: Present Levels. … Part 2: Annual Goals. … Part 3: Measuring and Reporting Progress. … Part 4: Special Education. … Part 5: Related Services. … Part 6: Supplementary Aids and Services. … Part 7: Extent of Nonparticipation. … Part 8: Accommodations in Assessment.More items…

Is an IEP a disability?

Fact: To qualify for special education services (and an IEP), a student must meet two criteria. First, he must be formally diagnosed as having a disability as defined under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). … Learn more about the process of getting an IEP with our IEP Roadmap.

What are the 7 steps of the IEP process?

7 Steps Of The IEP ProcessStep 1: Pre-Referral. There are different pre-referral interventions through which to initiate the IEP process. … Step 2: Referral. … Step 3: Identification. … Step 4: Eligibility. … Step 5: Development Of The IEP. … Step 6: Implementation. … Step 7: Evaluation And Reviews.

What are the different types of IEP?

Special education plans offer blue print for students with disabilitiesIndividualized Family Service Plan, or IFSP.Independent Education Evaluation, or IEE.Individualized Education Program, or IEP.Individualized Health Plan, or IHP.Individualized Transition Plan, or ITP.