Quick Answer: Which Country Has The Lowest Infant Mortality Rate In The World?

What state has the highest infant mortality rate?


infant mortality rate by state 2018.

In 2018, the state of Mississippi had the highest infant mortality rate in the United States, with 8.3 deaths per 1,000 live births..

Why did so many babies die in the early 1900’s?

In 1900, pneumonia and influenza, tuberculosis, and enteritis with diarrhea were the three leading causes of death in the United States, and children under 5 accounted for 40 percent of all deaths from these infections (CDC, 1999a).

Which country has the highest infant mortality rate in the world?

AfghanistanSecondary NavigationRankCountry(DEATHS/1,000 LIVE BIRTHS)1Afghanistan110.602Somalia94.803Central African Republic86.304Guinea-Bissau85.7088 more rows

Where does US rank in infant mortality rate?

Infant mortality per 1,000 live births, 2017 The U.S. infant mortality rate (5.8 deaths under one year of age per 1,000 live births) is 71 percent higher than the comparable country average (3.4 deaths).

Why is Japan’s infant mortality low?

Japan’s infant mortality rate in 1991 was four per 1,000, the lowest in the world. Contributing factors are the universal use of the Boshi Kenko Techo (maternal-child health handbook) and universal access to care. Most births occur to women aged 25–29 years and there are few unmarried mothers.

What is the current IMR of India?

The current infant mortality rate for India in 2020 is 29.848 deaths per 1000 live births, a 3.48% decline from 2019. The infant mortality rate for India in 2019 was 30.924 deaths per 1000 live births, a 3.36% decline from 2018.

Why infant mortality rate is low in Kerala?

Reducing deaths due to congenital heart defect (CHD) – heart defect at birth – has contributed in a big way to bringing down Kerala’s infant mortality rate (IMR) to 7 deaths per 1,000 live births, one less than the number aimed for by the United Nations, according to reports.

Which city in the world has lowest infant death rate?

The country with the lowest infant mortality rate today is Iceland at 0.16%.

Why is US child mortality so high?

These premature births are the biggest factor in explaining the United States’ high infant mortality rate. Pre-term births can have many different maternal causes, many of which — such as high blood pressure, diabetes, Zika and other infections and age — are not entirely within an expectant mother’s control.

What country has the most child deaths?

IndiaIndia has suffered the most child deaths: one million in 2017. This was followed by Nigeria (714,000); Pakistan (400,000); the Democratic Republic of Congo (300,000); Ethiopia (189,000); and China (156,000).

What are the three leading causes of infant mortality?

The five leading causes of infant death in 2018 were:Birth defects.Preterm birth and low birth weight.Maternal pregnancy complications.Sudden infant death syndrome.Injuries (e.g., suffocation).

Does abortion count as infant mortality?

The infant mortality rate is calculated using two components: deaths within the first year of life, compared to the number of live births. Fetal deaths, sometimes referred to as stillbirths, miscarriage, or fetal demise, do not include live births and therefore do not impact the infant mortality rate.

Which country has the lowest infant mortality rate in India?

Nagaland, Mizoram Have The Lowest Infant Mortality Rate In India, Madhya Pradesh The Highest. At just four deaths for every 1000 live births, the northeastern state of Nagaland has the lowest infant mortality rate (IMR) in India.

Which state has highest child mortality rate in India?

Madhya Pradesh has the worst infant mortality rate in the country while Nagaland has the best. Chhattisgarh has the highest death rate, while Delhi has the lowest. Bihar continues to remain at the top of list in birth rate while Andaman and Nicobar is at the bottom.

Does Japan have the lowest infant death rate?

In 2019, the infant mortality rate in Japan dropped to 1.96 per 1000 live births, which was the second lowest in the world (227 out of 228 countries; range: 1.85–106.3, average: 21.6 per 1000) [5].

What is the leading cause of infant mortality?

Infant Mortality Ten (10) Leading CausesINFANT MORTALITY: TEN (10) LEADING CAUSESNUMBER AND RATE/per 1000 live births AND PERCENTAGE DISTRIBUTION1. Bacterial sepsis of newborn3,60816.12. Pneumonia2,62811.73. Respiratory distress of newborn2,52611.29 more rows•May 5, 2014

Which country has the highest crude death rate?

BulgariaBulgaria is the top country by crude death rate in the world. As of 2019, crude death rate in Bulgaria was 15.46 deaths per thousand population that accounts for 1.08% of the world’s crude death rate.